Thursday, July 13, 2006

Move on



Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A windy...Night

Ya know I've got a foggy notion

It's a steamy day in Toronto. The cat piss is strong today, it burns my nose sometimes, but I bought new light bulbs, so it balances out.

"When I was lonely back in 73', that's when the conga drums spoke to me"

I'm so poor I drink Tang out of a Dr. Pepper bottle. I only buy orange. It's 20 cents cheaper.
I feel like those coal miners that had to drink their own urine.

"OH man! I'm so thirsty..."
"Dude, just don't think about it. Think about getting out of here, we'll be famous when we get out, have you thought about that?"
"I know I know I'm just so..."
"Thirsty, I know, me too man, just sit tight, they'll be here soon enough."

A few minutes later

"Dude, I have to. I'm sorry, I'm so thirsty."
"Man, it's only been like 2 hours..."
"I seriously need to hydrate, I'm feeling faint."
"Fuck fine, just don't do it near me."

[Zipper sound]

"Here goes...Mmmm...Oh my god."
"It tastes so good. Dude like, I'm serious, but what the hell does that taste like?"
"When we get out of here..."
"It tastes... Like... Orange... Tang!"
"Oh my god..."

I was mining for coal once, when I forgot what coal was.

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