Thursday, December 09, 2004

Pearl Jam just doesn't fit my mood. I need another job.

I'm sitting in a comic shop that I used to frequent. Not because of the comics, or the greasy arguements being thrown around ("Are you carrying around human skulls? YOU ARE AREN'T YOU?") and especially not the Korean man next to me chatting to other, nerdy, horny Korean men in the area...I just had a scary thought, what if the other men are in this establishment, and I'm literally surrounded by Nerdy Korean lust. What if I'm swimming in it. Its all over me. Its in my mouth OH God, I'm drowning.

Actually, I can't really remember why I used to love it here.

"I've actally found a better jo...well not better...but one with more hours...or better hours...."

I know its not much. I know its not good. Neither am I, so I guess its fitting. It'll come around. I'll make it come around.

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