Friday, July 02, 2004

Shimmy Shimmy yeah

Can I possibly explain what its like to be on the back of a motorcycle screeching through the Vietnamese Central highlands while listening to Jimi tell me his one burning desire?

The last 5 days were totally unforgettable. I spent them exploring real jungle (we're talkin' crazy monkeys and waterfalls that look like a set from a movie.) We played in bomb craters and stood silently as our guides explained just how much Agent Orange was still in the soil.

I nearly walked into a minefield...3 times.

We met Hill tribe people that had never seen white people, let alone cameras and when Nick and Looq pulled out their cameras the children screamed and the men stood up to defend them. Luckily, Nick's camera has a screen on the back, and eventually the whole village came out to see these crazy white guys, and to watch us sit on the ground in the meeting house.

Looq and I both got very sick after drinking snake wine...And yes...Its just as the name says. Very snake filled. Though the name is a little misleading, its really more of a vodka.

Now we're in Hanoi, the capital, and its as beautiful as they say it is. Though, after 18 hours on a crowded bus the three of us are just trying to stay awake in the scorching heat. I'm soaked in sweat.

On Sunday we spend way too much money and we head out on a boat into Ha Long bay. I know so little about the area except that we're going to an island that I should have known I'd one day step foot on. Monkey Island. It just had to be.

On the 10th our visas run out and we head into the potentially wacky (and by wacky I mean potentially life-threatening) Laos. Where, by boat and bus we'll head across the country back into Thailand. Thing is we're taking the dreaded Rt.3 which has monthly attacks by bandits and westerners aren't usually spared. Of course, I forgot to tell my parents that...

I'm going to spend my Birthday in Laos. Awesome.

Ask me some questions boys and girls, and thanks for the feed back, I love hearin' from home.


"I'm soaked in kerosene"

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