Friday, June 11, 2004

Wanna do it wit Def

Dave, I would take you with me if I could somehow get the money and go back in time, come home and take you with me...if that makes any sense, which it most certainly does not and hence you aren't with me. Sorry.

Back in Bangkok, it feels as good as home. Kao San (Sp?) the big touristy road here is like my Queen St. We've met another English bloke by the name of Nick, we met him drunkenly stumbling around the bar we frequented back on Koh Phanang. Either way the guy rules and hes decided to stick with us on our trip into Cambodia, onto Vietnam. We cross the border tomorrow and I'm just a little bit terrified. We don't have visas and might have to deal with some pretty rough border guards, but supposedly after that everything is ok.

The trip back from Koh Samui (another Island we stopped at for about half an hour) was pretty much painless apart from the fact that I had to leave my girly (who I had spent ALL night talking with) and hadn't slept at all when we left. So I was dead tired, hungry, and heartbroken. On the way into town this morning, about 4 in the morning, the bus conked out again on the side of the road and we had to taxi our way in. The cabbie didn't speak English and somehow didn't know what Kao San was. So his idea was to get Nick, who was sitting in the front, to talk to the lady on the end of a radio and have her translate. But of course, we don't know this and suddenly the cabbie is holding the CB radio to Nicks confused face. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, we had no idea what was going on. Nick told us later that he thought he'd maybe do a little free stylin' but thought again. So there is nervous Nick talking into a radio, which is emitting a high pitched Thai voice at an insane speed. Nick just says " Umm...K..ao San Rd. Please..." At which point I explode with laughter because it looked as if somehow the car was going to take us where we wanted, and that the driver was just the guy to hold the mic...I dunno...I hadn't slept in 2 days (I still haven't really). It was funny at the time.

So lets look at the trip a bit eh? (Its cheap and air-conditioned here).
Animals? Ok, well the first thing I noticed, although I don't think about it anymore are the dogs. They're everywhere, just lying on the road and occasionally fighting, scarily close to you. Second, god damn giant ass cockroaches. I'm talking as long as my hand, and so fat that they actually drag their bellies along the ground...Disgusting. Those are the ones I think about most. Otherwise, the other day lying on the beach with our buddy Sean, drinking some big Chang's (A cheap Thai beer) on the beach, watching the sun go down over our paradise, talking about life, I looked down and saw a shadow start to move, and for a moment said nothing until I realized that the shadow was a snake about as long as me and as thick as my arm. We sat silently as it slithered by our feet...Intense. Umm...woke up one day, in our beach bungalow and felt what I thought was a giant mosquito land on my hand. Now, due to the bungalow, which just has wood blank floors, and a thatched roof, I was more or less used to bugs on me, but this one felt big. So I turned my head, and saw on my hand, the biggest feckin' spider I've ever seen in the wild, perched, staring at me like it was nothing. I flipped. "FUCK!" I slammed my hand on the floor and jumped up yelling. It was gone, no trace. That was my last night in that bungalow (I stayed with my girly in her infinitely nicer place just a walk away) and Looq didn't sleep that well for a few days. OH! I had a gibbon sit on my shoulder but it wasn't wild, and it was very sad so I don't count that. Oh! Elephants, occasionally appear at the side of the road doing construction like cranes...Very cool.

Yeah, theres more, but I wasted some time.

So its 4:11 and I haven't slept for about 2 days, and I have to get up at 6 in the morning to catch our supposed "V.I.P" bus through the North of Cambodia to Siem Riep where stands the world famous Ankor Wat...If you don't know what this is, then look it up, the lonely planet calls it one of the most incredible things ever conceived by the human mind, if that means anything. I can't wait.

Nick has an I-Pod...Nick is my hero.

Later boys and girls,


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