Saturday, June 05, 2004

I've moved from paradise to paradise and its sometimes more than I can take. The mountains, the dogs, the water and the fish. I have a wound now, I stepped on something in the water and when I looked at my foot, there were spines sticking out of a bloody hole.
We have to move on tomorrow, which on one level is a nice thought but on a another...pretty painful. I did what I've always wanted to do and met me a girly in a bar. What I hadn't thought about was the day I had to leave and it hit me this morning like a sack of fish, filled with lead. It just made me think about, well, everything. Meh.

So they sell mushrooms (of the most magical variety) at the bar on the beach. It turns out that the police are totally paid off and don't really exist on this island. Anything goes, its like a movie. A movie where anything goes (Think, the goonies).

Its expensive here, and I should go drink me a banana shake.

Monday, May 31, 2004

Thailand, this beautiful monster of a country.

I don't have much time. Ya know why? Cause its 35 degrees in this internet place. If I turn my head to the right I can see palm trees and the gulf of Thailand, with Ko Samui a nearby island stuck in the horizon. If I turn to left, a hippy. He is tanned, whereas I am sunburnt, its hilariously painful. In a minute, I'll pay the Thai woman, walk down the dirt road, jump in a hammock and finish a novel. The dirty dogs are tired and the wind is knocking down coconuts.

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