Tuesday, December 02, 2003

I'm at work, and guess what, I'm not doing work!

Thats right, in fact, my "boss" is standing in the same room and actually thinks I'm doing work. Sweet. Just a second, I gotta click around as if I'm changing terminal settings. Ah. Much better. I had a good night last night, very chilled out. Whoa, just solved 2 major problems.

Gotta go.

I'm very excited about Christmas.

Monday, December 01, 2003

The Holy City of Pokemon (Rhymes with Babylon kinda)

I am very, very angry and full of techo music (Tech-NO!).


Why is it possible for me to fall in love with a voice?

Its been a week or so of feeling better, and in turn worse than most people I meet. Something has shifted lately and the actuality of how cold and blind most people are in my eyes, has suddenly become completely over-whelming. Yes a lot of us think that. Hope I don't look cold. Because I certainly don't feel cold.
Listen to music you love. Not to feel better, but to understand those things you already know are real. On those frozen, lengthy nights where my life's complications have taken over instead of lighting the way out, its strange that I can stall, and somehow keep it together by listening to some good vibrations.

Phil Collins should die. Then I could write a song, about how Phil Collins sucked, and how his ghost probably still sucks, haunting those of us with sane minds. And the song would suck, cause it has the name Phil Collins in it. See, it made my blog suck.

I'm about to go and play some bad-ass pool with Chris and Nelly. I'm a big man, and I just might write some more tonight.

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