Saturday, October 18, 2003

are you ready for some INCORRECT SPELLING?

So I'm walkin see...and I'm wearin' a suit, and this guy walks up to me and says "Yo, are you Max?" and I'm like "Who wants to know?" and he says, get this "Your worst nightmare..." and then I'm thinkin "Oh shit, my worst nightmare eh, this shit is serious" so I say " oh yeah? and whats my worst nightmare?" and he looks at me, screws up his face and says "spiders".

I look him in his screwed up face and say "you're spiders?"

Now what I didn't tell you, was that I was that while I was saying "I period period period (pronouncing the periods to give myself more time) hate period period..." and so on I was also taking out a taser I'd acquired the night before at the policeman's ball (long story) and then at the part where I said "spiders" I jabbed him in the gut.

Why was I wearing a suit? cause thats cool. Obviously.

Clown..I get down for my crown.

So I'm a snotty big shot guy who works in a giant office building now (its great, somehow the concrete walls can stifle ALL creativity, so I'm never distracted from my boredom!) No really, I actually have a real job now, its terrifying. Yesterday was the worst, I had to go to a meeting. Meeting? Max? Meeting? See, they don't work together. Eitherway, I'm working with some really eccentric people, theyz my peeps, and the company itself is pretty cool. Oh well.


Thats where I work, its the tallest actual building in Canada...that means I'm cool...50th floor what!

So halloween is coming up, and I'm trying to figure out who I should go as. (Any suggestions? oh, and no jokes, you know how I HATE jokes) I'm thinkin' Hogan from Hogan's heroes. Seeing as he had a perverted sex life and was eventually beaten to death by his friend with a tripod, I thought it would be appropriate. Don't ask.

So its the weekend, and I'm preparing to go out and hurt some people (fight club was the most over-rated movie) The T-Dot awaits.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Spent my lunch hour today trying to come up with the slogan for a T.V. show about myself. Most of them were about how I let those easy to grab moments get away.

"Watch as Max lets the good times roll...over him"

I wish I was a little bit taller.

Get up. Spent last night upset, and today downtrodden. Lie down.

Monday, October 13, 2003

I know you're wrong.

I'm typing hard now, because I just had something unmentionably annoying happen. I really need to write now, but there is something wholly disappointing about having to write "Blogger" every time I want to express myself. At times like these, shaded and coloured by the sickening machine glow of the screen, my problems show up again, flashing in front of me, one by one, like a deck of cards. Everyday, everyday, all the time, everyday my eyes and myself search for the solution. Everywhere. So many faces. I have the heartbreaking ability to remember every girl that I ever thought might be the next to help me. And in the grey glow, I think to myself. I think I've had enough, I think that I should just go now, and find her, the answer. She is somewhere, I tell myself and when I find her, I'll be fine again, I'll understand again. Its easy, I just need to find the answer.

Then I tell myself I'm wrong. I have proof. I have records and reports, I'm a repeat offender.
Its 2:16 AM, and I'm Max.

The answer is probably sleeping anyway.

Sunday, October 12, 2003


I'm avoiding my family as we speak. Not that I don't love them, but I've had enough of the questions that I don't have answers to.

"So Max what do you plan to do?"

I don't know, but frankly I don't care and I'm going to have a great time not caring too. It doesn't matter, very little does. I'm just going to be sad sometimes, poor sometimes, lonely sometimes but I'm also going to be happy, and in love, and glad. As of now I can't wait, and that is just as good as anything.

I was watching a video of my times abroad (I'm not going to make the "when I was a broad" joke), I miss them, my times and The Postal Service isn't making them easier to forget. However Britney Spears is, I hate that thing with an unbridled passion.

Its funny that when you're drunk, reality, the thing I like to think I know somewhat, is suddenly a different thing. And what is more, that is fine with me. I actually accept it. Friends and I went out last Friday, and the day had told me that things were going to be intense. Drunk and Intense. And as I had prophesized...

Express me,
NO, thats embarrassing.

I'm not on today, but I want to be.

I find it weird that I have friends that can't say anything about themselves, emotionally speaking. (Thats the sissiest way of speaking by the way) I have trouble keeping anything inside of me, but no matter what we do with ourselves, we all feel like we're going nowhere.
And now a tribute to our nerd-dom

End Transmission

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